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Training & Coaching

Frankly Speaking Communications, LLC was founded by Award Winning Radio and Television News Reporter, Donna Francavilla.  Donna is a seasoned Professional when it comes to Media and/or Presentation scenarios.

If you are looking for training or coaching when it comes to presenting yourself or your voice to the media, public or even a big interview, contact us to schedule your appointment. 

Media Training 18
Donna Francavilla working with Marlene Wallace, Founder of Career Concepts, Inc.: Career Counseling and Developments. This is a Presentation Training Session.
Donna Francavilla working with Annemarie Bruno on her upcoming Segment on "Talk About Alabama". This is a Media Presentation Session. Frankly Speaking Communications worked with "Greystone Living" to publish Annemarie Bruno as the Cover and an inside story.
Donna Francavilla - Frankly Speaking Communications - Communications Strategy - Training Workshop, Birmingham Alabama
Donna Francavilla providing Presentation Training Services at Corey Watson Law Firm - Birmingham, Alabama.

Presentation Training

Presentation skills are an asset when looking for the next job, communicating with co-workers, staff and/or clients.

Media Training

Donna Francavilla is an Award-Winning Radio and Television News Reporter. "On-Air?" Schedule a session today.

Crisis Managment

Media Crisis Coaching is a excellent skill to have when negative issues arise for any organization.

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