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Richard Hall

Voice Over Artist - Richard Hall

Voice Over Work

Frankly Speaking Communications Voice Talent Richard Hall

Richard Hall is a master storyteller and professional voice talent who can keep an audience’s attention with the very best of them!

His style could be closely compared to and considered a mix of Bill Ratner, Morgan Freeman, and Robert Clotworthy. Trustworthy, Sincere, Authoritative, Friendly, Fresh, Powerful, Energetic, Relatable, Rugged, Masculine/Manly, Smooth, Soothing and Believable are all adjectives that come to most client’s minds when describing Richard’s voice. He is a trusted voice with a brilliantly warm, honest timbre for commercials, narration, radio imaging and sweepers, e-learning, business and corporate voice overs, audio books, movie trailers, and more dedicated to bringing the right connection to your audience!

Whether your project merits deep, soft and soothing; grizzly and masculine; young and confident; or authoritative and aggressive – Richard’s unique bass/baritone voice, delivery and the natural range is perfect for 1) capturing listeners attention 2) creating interest and 3) compelling listeners to action.

Work is ALWAYS on time and exactly what you’re looking for. He takes direction well and is flexible with his schedule. The quality of his work and professionalism make him one of the very best to work with.



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