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Media Training

Media Training

Training for media interviews is essential for everyone who engages in social media speaks to journalists, writes blogs or addresses groups. Why? Because how you are perceived, and what you say and how you say it is critical to your personal success and your company’s success.

A well-trained media spokespeople appear natural, relaxed, authoritative, likeable, engaged, controlled and spontaneous. Even in crisis situations, they present the facts and tell their story convincingly and memorably – whether promoting everyday news messages, answering difficult questions, or managing a full-on crisis. There’s no substitute for good media training.

Get it right, and the people who matter to you will get the right message, loud and clear. Get it wrong, and you might set off a crisis or negative rumors. Lead. Speak with authority. Donna Francavilla – Founder/Owner

Media training includes:

Media training workshops include:

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Media Workshop Course

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