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Internship Program

Internship Program

Frankly Speaking Communications (FSC) is a Strategic Communications Company.

We offer the following services:  grant writing, public relations, presentation and media training, audio/video production, graphic design, print media, inbound marketing, broadcast services and much more.  

We are always seeking Interns wanting to develop their real world experience and a performance recommendation letters. This is a non-paying internship.

The candidates that we are seeking must have the following: 

  • Personality/Character: Be self-motivated, follow directions, have self-confidence,  meet challenges, be a team player,  dress business casual, good attendance,  punctuality and team player behaviors.
  • Experience: Must have an experience and talent in the chose internship path. For example, Marketing Interns should know the basic terms and functions of social media, email marketing, catch-phrases. A graphic designer should know how to run their graphical software and produce professional graphics. 
  • Duties: The duties will depend on what internship path we set for you. If you are a graphic designer working on art projects, you will not be asked to do office work such as data entry into contract files. 
  • Requirements: Cell Phone, Drivers License, Auto Insurance, Reliable Laptop that is WiFi Compatible.

Directions: Fill out the form on your right. Upload your Cover Letter and Resume. Once you click submit, it will redirect you back to this page for you to fill out the Internship Application below. 

Cover Letter and Resume Submission

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