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Website Audit

Website Audit

Website audits are crucial to perform on your website. Audits are essential to optimization, issues, security and reliability. 

Our Website Audit includes the following:

Web Host Audit

A website that is hosted properly is a search engine friendly website! Our Hosting Audit does the following: 

  • looks for dns errors
  • looks for nameserver errors
  • looks for mail server errors
  • looks for host network holes, blacklists and more!

WordPress Audit

WordPress has a terrific amount of search engine friendly features that get a lot of free mileage! Did you know that FSC can turn your WordPress Site into it’s own Web Marketing Engine? Our Audit does the following: 

  • Checks for version compatibility between current updates and your site
  • Checks for errors within WordPress, Website Content, Media, SEO and Sitemap
  • Checks for organic optimization inefficiencies used and not used. 
  • Checks the ratio of fresh to old content

Damage Control

Everything in Moderation. Our Website Producer excels at fixing and fine tuning issues that arise from maintaining a WordPress website. Our WordPress website audits list all the issues of regarding your internet presence.  Some of the items we cover are the following: 

  • Backlinks – Backlinks directly compete against your site for page rank. It is best to have a strong presence on the internet that comes directly from your website. The backlinks should follow your website, not come before it. 
  • Overpaying for social media campaigns – if we showed you how to still be on top of your competition only paying a fraction of what you are paying now, would that interest you?
  • Bad Information
  • Negative Reviews
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