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Crisis Management Training

Crisis training

Learn how to manage crisis issues that arise.

  • What should you do to prepare to handle a major crisis?
  • What should you do when one unfolds?

Ideally, the organization’s CEO will lead the team, with the firm’s top public relations executive and legal counsel as his or her chief advisers. Most likely your in-house PR executive does not have sufficient crisis communications expertise, he or she may choose to retain an agency or independent consultant such as FSC with that specialty.

Below are a few routine processes our crisis management experts put together and/or manage for your organization. 

Frankly Speaking Communications Media Crisis Workshops

Crisis Workshop Course

Sign up for our 1/2 day or Full-Day Course, or consult with our firm for the best strategy to minimize the damage caused by the unexpected.


Presentation skills are an asset when looking for the next job, communicating with co-workers, staff and/or clients.

Radio Voice

Do you need help speaking properly into the microphone? Let our award winning radio reporter assist you.

Media Coach

Donna Francavilla is an Award-Winning Radio and Television News Reporter. “On-Air?” Schedule a session today.

Crisis Training

Media Crisis Coaching is a excellent skill to have when negative issues arise for any organization.