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Grant Proposal Writing

Our team enjoys working with Nonprofits through the entire Grant Writing process. Our meeting will include the following. 

  • Interview and understand the program or project
    • Outcomes desired
    • Scope
    • Schedule
    • Budget
  • Research for likely funders of program or project
  • Research and provide estimate of time required to prepare grant proposal
  • Coordinate and assist in preparing attachments, tables, narratives
  • Prepare and deliver the grant proposal in a format ready for signature and forwarding to the potential grantor
  • Provide assistance and prepare to follow up reports that grantors request

Frankly Speaking Communications professionals have written 72 grant proposals, raising over $850,000. Of these, 52 were funded in the amount of $522,570. In other words, 72% of the grant proposals were funded and 66% of the amounts requested were awarded.

Our grant proposal writers have assisted in fundraising efforts for many nonprofits, too. Similar numbers to above are $293,215 requested in 39 asks, $304,110 received from 37 funders. That is 95% of requests that were honored, and more than the total dollars requested was received.

Overall, combining grant proposals and fundraising, 80% of requests were honored and 66% of the money requested was received. It should be noted that normal percentages for both these numbers are about 35%.

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