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20 Things Likable People Do & What You Can Learn From Them

When thinking about what to write about for this month’s Alabama Media Professional Pro Tips, I didn’t have to search long and hard. A friend sent me a link to this article:

I found the article to be a great reminder about how to present your best self to others. I’m adding a few tips to Smart Living’s Editor Emily Co’s article. Being likable has its benefits. Author Emily Co says she believes likable people have an easier time scoring their dream job, and making a favorable first impression. Recently, Redditors shared some advice for making yourself more likeable. Here are some of the top tips. I put an asterisk by my suggestions.

  • Smile — a lot. Seeing a smile makes other people happy, so if you're smiling when you're interacting with someone, he'll find you easy to like and friendly.
  • Ask people questions. There's nothing people love more than to talk about themselves. They will find the conversation more memorable and positive if they spend time talking about themselves.
  • Pay attention. Listen more to other people than you speak, and people will feel valued. Even if you're asking questions, people won't warm up to that if it seems you're not listening to what they're saying.
  • Remember names. Names are such a core part of people's identity. Bringing their names up in the conversation will not only make them feel good, but they'll also appreciate the fact that you remember their names.
  • Repeat and reinforce. Repeating what someone said to you and reinforcing it will help people feel validated. And that's all people want — validation.
  • Don't give unsolicited advice. Give advice to people when they ask you for it. If you go around telling people your opinion, you can come across as being overbearing and bossy even if you're just trying to help.
  • Don't make everything a competition. Trying to compete with everyone and one-up everything people say can quickly make you less likeable in their eyes.
  • Take responsibility. If you make a mistake, take responsibility for it. Acknowledge it, and don't point the blame at someone else.
  • Get off their phones. People appreciate undivided attention, because it makes them feel like you're truly listening to them. It makes them feel that you value their presence and time.
  • Don't make comparisons all the time and make it all about them.Sometimes in an effort to relate to others, you can go overboard with comparisons. When someone tells you about their dog dying, you should listen with concern, because that's what they are seeking. If you chime in with a story of how your own dog died and how you were devastated so you know how they feel, the other person may feel that you're switching the topic back to you.
  • Don't keep interrupting. You may get overexcited and interrupt people while they are talking, which can annoy them. It makes them feel that what they have to say is not that important to you.
  • Make eye contact. Making the right amount of eye contact with someone can help them feel rapport with you. You'll also come across as being more confident and trustworthy.
  • Are generous. Likable people give of themselves in time, talent, say encouraging words, and help when asked and when needed.
  • Accept that other people will disagree with them. Everyone has different opinions — learn to be OK with that. Your way may not always be the right way for others, so don't try to convince them that they're wrong. Embrace your differences.
  • Don't constantly seek sympathy and attention. Likeable people don't need to constantly seek sympathy and attention to feel better about themselves.
  • Don't try too hard. Focus on making yourself happy first, and people will gravitate toward you. If you try too hard, people can see through that.
  • Have good hygiene. Wear clean clothes, brush your teeth, and take showers.
  • Genuinely care about others. They treat others with respect and regard. EVERYONE—from waiters and valets to CEOs and royalty.
  • Actively participate in improving or contributing to their communities. Likable people step up to the plate to help with causes, at their churches, and try to be there for family, friends and neighbors.
  • Act like they like YOU. Likable people seek out the good qualities in everyone they meet and verbally communicate how much they appreciate their talents and uniqueness.
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