Learn how to keep your website upto date, sync'd to your social media pages and attracting traffic!



WordPress WebSite Training, Birmingham AL

WordPress Website Training is available through FSC Publicity Website Design Team. Our team will provide one on one sessions with you or staff.  Keeping your website upto date is vital for a healthy flow of traffic, as well as keeping your site moving to entire search engines to index your pages, thus bringing your page rank up higher. 

Knowing the ins and outs of WordPress is also ideal in order to create positive, instead of negative results. 

Some Clients like to start from the beginning. Others, like to have a list with a Instructor next to them as they make their changes. FSC understands that training needs are unique per client.  We are here to assist each client at their need and comfort level. 

Getting started is really simple. Just schedule an appointment with FSC.

All we will need is your WordPress Email, Username and Password. If you are having issues obtaining this info, please call us today for support at 205-991-4461 or send us an email


A overview of WordPress allows the trainee to get a fundamental grasp on how to effectively operate WordPress.

Effective Use of Categories and Tags

Learn how to Organically Optimize your WordPress. Organic Optimization is learning how to cover all the details within making WordPress Optimize automatically when the Search Engines are crawling your website for important keywords. 

Plugin Management

Learning how Plugin's operate and affect your website is critical to it's success. We will show you how to navigate and maintain the extensive Plugins available for use. 

Overview Media Managment

Managing your media correctly is very important for organization as well as organic optimization. The search engines have rules and if they are not followed will hurt your page rank. We will show you how to properly manage your Photos, Videos and Audio Files. 

Creating and Managing Pages/Posts & Menu System

Our WordPress Trainier will show how to add, edit, and manage no longer relevant pages or posts. We will show you how to add and edit the navigation menu as well as redirect changed pages.