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WordPress-Website-Redesign-Birmingham-ALRedesigning a website provides a refresh look, banishes errors, gives room for growth and brings in new traffic. FSC redesigns Websites that have issues, in need of new technology, a fresh looking template, eliminates browser issues, unfitting design issues, growth and optimization issues. 

A website is a PR device. It is a tool that represents your business. 

Appearance: The appearance of a website is as important as the navigation. The appearance must be pleasing to the eye. A redesigned website creates a presence for a business and how they care about their customers, quality in products and services that are offered. The redesigned appearance will entertain the target audience and provide simple navigation.

Navigation: Easy navigation for your visitors is paramount to the success of retaining loyal clients. The navigation should be a simple click to the services. Content management is very important. We excel at organizing content and redirecting all broken links that occurred pre or post redesign phase. 

Error Fix: Website errors hurt search engine rank. Broken pages, posts, photos, sitemap errors, code errors, keyword spamming, dns errors and many more.

The above services are always included in our Website Redesign Services. REQUEST A QUOTE TODAY! or call us today at 205-991-4461. 


Custom Template

FSC creates a custom WordPress Template. We focus on branding, navigation flow, eye candy and telling your story visually. 

Mobile Friendly

Our WordPress Templates automatically fit any mobile device. There is no need to create multiple websites. 


Redesigns enable a client to expand or organize an existing website. We create new pages, new posts, new media, move the navigation around for easier access to the sites critical information. 

Edit Errors

FSC requires a health check. We do a extensive diagnostic audit. This report enables our webmasters to see every error that is occurring on the website.  Website errors hurt your Search Engine Ranking, so it is important to fix all errors on a routine basis.  Sitemap errors, dns errors, broken links, duplicate information, redirect errors, SEO related errors and etc. 

Organic Optimization

FSC allows builds out websites to include the power to become their own organic website marketing engines. We make sure that each customized template, WordPress Website, All Content and Media is optimized organically.