We provide a full service marketing portfolio for all types and sizes of online businesses.

Internet & Website Marketing

Digital Media Audit, Repair & Maintenance

Our Digital Audit, Repair and Maintenance service is a great resource for businesses marketing themselves on the Internet and Website. There are many factors that must be addressed with an Online presence.  

  • Link Audit
  • Campaign(s) Audit & Analysis
  • Digital Media Report of all errors and a solutions plan.
  • Repair all issues, grammar, broken links, redirects, updates, dismantle problematic profiles and etc. 
  • Maintain and optimize existing campaigns.

Digital Media Marketing

Featuring: Brand Strategy & Planning, Data Analytics, Advertising Campaigns, Digital Media Planning, Media Buys, SEO and much more.

Organic Optimization

What is "Organic Optimization"? Organic Optimization is a SEO method of internally optimizing every piece of information within your website. 

Each website that FSC Designs, Redesigns, Maintains, Repairs and Markets optimizes the following:

  • CMS (WordPress, .NET, HTML), some CMS's are strictly database that the search engines will not index. IF the CMS is not SEO Friendly, we have other Organic Methods to entice the search engines to visit and index. 
  • SEO Friendly Website Template
  • Content
  • Photos
  • Podcasts/Audio Files
  • Videos


Organic List Domination

What is "Organic List Domination"? Organic List Domination is when multiple listings of just the business website shows up on the Organic List in the search results. For example: Google, "Media Communications Training, Birmingham AL" or just click here


  1. No need for adwords and back linking. In fact, back linking is in direct competition with your website for rank.
  2. Keep what you pay for. When Adwords/Campaigns stop, all the traction you gained is lost. Organic List Domination, Implants your website and you continue to benefit from the labor to Organically Optimize your website properly.
  3. Organic List Domination can have a huge dent in your Adword Campaigns. If Sync'd with Adwords, and we may be able drop your monthly fee dramatically, and still have you highly listed. 
  4. Exclusive. When FSC provides "Organic List Domination" for a client, it is exclusive for a promoted service, city, state. This means, we  will only market one Dentist, Birmingham AL. There is an additional monthly exclusive fee in addition to the contracted work. This is a premiere service, we will not have clients competing against each other. Call for more information at 205-991-4461 and ask for the Web Weaver.