Brush up on your Core Presentation Skills. Craft Compelling Content and Captivate the Crowd. Build passion and excitement into your presentations. Master the ability to craft, organize and deliver compelling content, produce dynamic slides, and present powerfully to enhance your overall image by developing a unique communication style. Is your team delivering the most engaging, persuasive presentations possible? As the media environment grows increasingly complex, it’s never been more important to be able to communicate clearly and with confidence.

Presentation Training

Do your presentation skills need sharpening?

Message development

How to sit/what to wear/where to look

Must-haves for controlling the meeting and engaging the audience

Tips for dealing with pressure situations

Does your message need refining?

One-on-one feed back

Learn the rules of how to address a large group

The importance of body language and voice inflection

How to make the sale in phone meetings

Are you ready to face your peers?

Deliver high-impact presentations

Make your message so compelling listeners will talk about it all day long

Rehearsal and scripting techniques that will set you up for success

How to dazzle with the 3 minute-second power pitch

One Day or Multi-Day Training Sessions


How can you “take back” what you said?

Full-day training includes mock on-camera scenarios

How to mentally prepare

Crisis communications principles

Communications strategy

On Camera Training

How to best represent your own interests during an interview

Training offered at our location or yours