Grant Preparation and Fundraising Services

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Grant Writing Services, Birmingham AL

FSC Grant Services

  • Interview and understand the program or project
    • Outcomes desired
    • Scope
    • Schedule
    • Budget
  • Research for likely funders of program or project
  • Research and provide estimate of time required to prepare grant proposal
  • Coordinate and assist in preparing attachments, tables, narratives
  • Prepare and deliver the grant proposal in a format ready for signature and forwarding to the potential grantor
  • Provide assistance and prepare follow up reports that grantors request

Examples of grant successes and uses in Birmingham, AL

Our grant proposal writers and fundraisers are based in Birmingham AL. 

They have written 72 grant proposals for raising $959,420. Of these, 52 were funded in the amount of $522,570. In other words, 72% of the grant proposals were funded and 66% of the amounts requested were awarded.

Our grant proposal writers have assisted in fundraising efforts for many nonprofits, too. Similar numbers to above are $293,215 requested in 39 asks, $304,110 received from 37 funders. That is 95% of requests that were honored, and more than the total dollars requested was received.

Overall, combining grant proposals and fundraising, 80% of requests were honored and 66% of the money requested was received. It should be noted that normal percentages for both these numbers is about 35%.