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An Effective New Way to Create Buzz about Your Restaurant:

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How it Works:

Your restaurant will prepare a meal for 24 diners from Greystone Magazine (or other Birmingham-area community magazines) plus feed the FSC team. You can offer a Prix Fixe meal or allow guests to order a la carte from your regular or a modified menu. After enjoying their meal, the diners will have sampled your fare, paid for their adult beverages, tipped your wait staff, met the owner/chef and answered interview questions about the best part of the experience. This gathering of discriminating diners will provide focus-group feedback on the dishes selected. Video testimonials for your website, live broadcasts and new buzz will be created.  Using our social media know-how, we help define content processes to drive lead generation and customer loyalty by leveraging compelling, shareable, targeted content.  

PR Campaigns for Restaurants, Birmingham ALBenefits to Restaurant:

  • Host a high quality dining event with the discriminating diners from the Greystone Community (behind the gates) who are likely to return

  • Prominent inclusion in an issue of Greystone Living magazine
  • Distribution directly to 3,500 mailboxes
  • Market penetration in a community where solicitation is only allowed through magazines or direct mail
  • Best way to reach this exclusive and niche market
  • The publisher says Greystone Living is the most widely read publication by residents
  • Increase in awareness via various forms of media to include Social Media, local radio, television, newspapers, magazines, websites, podcasts
  • Deliver measurable results and analytics
  • Professional coaching before local television appearances to assure the optimal outcome of the opportunity  

What FSC does

  • Works with you to select a date for the event.
  • Selects guests and invites them.
  • Professionally photographs the event.
  • Collects questionnaire information from diners and shares their valuable feedback on individual dishes.
  • Interviews diners orally about the entire dining experience
  • Writes an article for Greystone Living and coordinates its content with you.
  • Produces a full page ad for your restaurant in Greystone Living.
  • Arranges for publication of the approved article with pictures in Greystone Living magazine.
  • Offers optional additional Media Strategies custom-designed for your establishments
    • Social media updates and analytics
    • Arranges a television interview/chef segment on Talk of Alabama or other mid-day local talk shows
    • Provides media preparation training before the Talk of Alabama appearance
    • Produces a YouTube Video
    • Provide live streaming on social media during the meal
    • Creation of audio/radio ads
    • Website video/voice-over
    • Posting on our Fixin To Eat™ website
    • Monthly ads in Greystone Living
    • Monthly ads in other local publications
    • PR Strategy



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