mediarelationsFSC Public Relations Services are Effective!

When you retain us:

  • FSC provides aggressive, proactive media outreach to increase visibility, highlight events, activities and enterprises. 
  • FSC executes targeted public relations campaigns to generate feature articles, event listings, and related publicity for events, promotions, and destination activities/amenities, targeting publicity in print, TV, radio and online outlets.
  • FSC writes, formats and distributes press releases to print, online, broadcast media. 
  • FSC conducts personal follow-up on outreach via phone, email and mail.  
  • FSC will track coverage, measure overall efforts, and deliver reports as requested.  
  • FSC will track and respond to stories in the media that might benefit from a response from your business. 
  • FSC utilizes relationships built over many years to make sure media press releases earn the maximum amount of free media. 
  • Proactively identify opportunities for media coverage, both locally and regionally, and work to facilitate that coverage. 
  • Schedule media interviews (as identified by the entity).