Donna is a great reporter and writer, and a fabulous media trainer. Looking for someone who knows her stuff....delivers the've got it in Donna!

Marcy McGinnis, Birmingham AL

Marcy McGinnis

Journalist, News Exec, Academic, Media Trainer, Senior Vice President of news gathering of AJAM, Associate Dean of Stonybrook University, Senior Vice President News Coverage of CBS

" Call Donna."  "It’s good to know that’s what we at CBS Radio can do when Alabama is where news of national interest is happening. She is versatile, fast, accurate, resourceful and always helpful on every kind of story. Tornado, hurricane, flood, politics, general news, feature-Donna can do it all. Whatever the assignment, Donna will deliver a story worth hearing." Arleen Lebe- CBS Radio News Producer.

Arleen Lebe CBS Radio News producer.

Arleen Lebe

Radio News Producer at CBS News

"Donna approaches her work with a good deal of energy and enthusiasm. She carries herself with confidence, and she makes herself available to those embarking on a new career path with a wealth of guidance. Happy to count her among my colleagues in independent journalism."

Gigi Douban, Independent Journalist & Documentary Film Producer

Gigi Douban

Independent Journalist & Documentary Film Producer

"Donna is a true professional with the experience and great attitude making her a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!" -- Covered Hurricane Katrina with Donna Francavilla

Lee Frank, Media Mercenary--TV Soundman/Radio News & Sports Reporter, Sound Mixer, Recordist, Field Audio Production, A2, Birmingham AL

Lee Frank

Media Mercenary--TV Soundman/Radio News & Sports Reporter, Sound Mixer, Recordist, Field Audio Production, CBS Radio News Reporter

"Donna has helped me with publicity regarding talks and reports about medical issues and research. She has been an exceptional consultant with excellent results. I recommend her highly for this and other positions in media."

Allen Cooper, Chief, Pulmonary Section at Birmingham VAMC

Allen Cooper, M.D.

Chief, Pulmonary Section at Birmingham VAMC

"Donna is a critical practitioner of the electronic journalism profession, having demonstrated throughout her career the ability to tell a complete story with just the right combination of her words what we in the business call "natural sound." Her incredible talent and skill are matched only by the depth and breadth of her expertise. Anyone who takes advantage of Donna's advice, guidance or the actual practice of her abilities will be better off for it."

Dan Shelley, Senior Vice President, Digital Content Strategy iHeartMedia

Dan Shelley

Senior Vice President, Digital Content Strategy - iHeartMedia

David E. Wilson

I have consulted with Frankly Speaking Communications ,LLC, to assist me on several occasions with some of my professional workshops. Her assistance greatly improved my presentation and delivery. I have also seen the excellent work that Donna gives to her clients. She has been the driving force behind last year’s Alabama Media Professionals (AMP) day-long professional workshop, as well as being a board member of AMP. Donna is among the top PR consulting professionals I have worked with, and always works with great zeal and passion to help grow her clients companies. As for awarding her company, I give Frankly Speaking Communications, LLC, my highest recommendation.
David E. WilsonUPS Marketing Small Business/High Tech Segments Mid South District
Working with Donna was a pleasure. Her broadcast experience at the national level was extremely helpful in developing content for my radio show. Her guidance and crafting of show segments, her tips on how to improve my radio presence,...
JOSHUA KLAPOW, PH.D.Chief Behavioral Scientist and Strategy Officer at ChipRewards, Inc.

Mike Cavender

“Donna served on our Board of Directors for several years at the Radio Television Digital News Association. She was both diligent and innovative in her contributions to the leadership of our national professional organization.
Mike CavenderExecutive Director of Radio Television Digital News Association

Harvey Nagler

“(Francavilla) does a really good job of thinking on her feet and always making sure she’s a credible reporter. She’s extraordinarily talented. Her success lies in her overall humanity, how she treats people with respect, yet at the same time she’s a leader… I can’t say enough nice things about her as a reporter and as a person.”
Harvey NaglerVice President of CBS News Radio

Lee John Bruno

"Working with Donna and Frankly Speaking Communications, LLC, over the past four years has revealed true innovation and creativity when it comes to communications and PR. Donna ceases to amaze me with way she is able to integrate multiple media platforms to develop interesting and currently relevant PR and marketing campaigns. In addition, she takes advantage of every opportunity to “bring to light” her client’s best interest in the media while keeping it all under budget. The quality of her productions are some of the best in town, and there are very few who would say they have never heard her voice!
Lee John BrunoLee John Bruno United for Life Foundation
"As luck would have it, I met and began working with Donna Francavilla, a media trainer and broadcast professional. I was very comfortable confiding my fears. I bonded instantly with Donna, and found her to be encouraging and nurturing.
Marilyn CaskeyLeading Broadway actress, Singer, Leading and Soloist roles in concerts and cabarets, classical theater and opera, National TV commercial Actress.

Brian Smith

"Donna is a presentation wizard! She provided absolutely superb recommendations to help me prepare for a capital request meeting. She was meticulous in coaching me to fine-tune even the smallest details of my presentation.
Brian SmithNew Business Initiatives (Parks & Resorts) at The Walt Disney Company
“I met Ms. Francavilla about a year ago, and have been just floored by all of the volunteer work I'm aware that she is a part of, and also of her honors. She truly deserves every one.  I read an article that she wrote in the Alabama Media Professionals newsletter about a year ago. It had a lot of practical information that I used in my work as a Radio News Director. I made a copy of that article, hung it in my office and implemented some of its suggestions. I then realized that she was a contributor for CBS News. As a CBS News affiliate station, I was able to procure and air some of her news stories for my newscasts. She represented Alabama Media Professionals at the Alabama Broadcasters Association's conference, selflessly devoting many weekend hours to the cause. I was there when she won a highly coveted award at Positive Maturity's Top 50 over 50 Awards banquet last year. Lastly, I’ve seen her work tirelessly for many months now as a volunteer for the Feast of Saint Mark Italian Festival—a job she has for 5 years now. She spearheaded all media and public relations for this event."   
CBS Radio News Affiliate WAGG-AM Former News Director Brigette Cannon Scott New Business Initiatives (Parks & Resorts) at The Walt Disney Company

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